Day: November 19, 2023

Alcohol-Free Friendship at Friendship Wine & LiquorAlcohol-Free Friendship at Friendship Wine & Liquor

Friendship Liquors

You’re thinking about cutting back on the alcohol in your life, but you worry that your friends won’t understand. Maybe you think they’ll stop inviting you to hang out with them, or that they’ll think you’re boring and lame.

Mike Scheuerman and his staff at Friendship Wine & Liquor in Abingdon, Md. are proving those worries wrong.

1. Three Stages of Friendship

In stage 0, momentary physical interaction, children simply play with one another. Selman found that this stage is common in children between the ages of three and six. At this stage, friends are often based on circumstance rather than genuine similarities.

In the second stage, fair-weather cooperation, children are concerned with fairness and reciprocity. If they do something for a friend, they expect their friend to return the favor. If a friend does not do as they expect, they will not spend time with that person anymore. Children in this stage may also take it personally if a friend likes someone that they don’t.

In the final stage, intimate and mutual sharing, a friendship becomes a close and personal connection. Friends share their family members, intimate details of their life and help each other accomplish their goals in life. Intimate friendships are a great source of support and inspiration, and are often seen as an ideal.

2. Friendship School White

Delicate. Fresh. Fruity. Fun. This may very well be the perfect white wine with aromas of grapefruit and marmalade and crisp green apple and lemon flavors. Enjoy with spicy peanuts, soft cheeses and the music of your choice.

Mike Scheuerman is the owner of Friendship Wine and Liquor in Abingdon, Maryland. He was born and raised in Baltimore, graduated from Loch Raven High School, and received an undergraduate degree from Towson University. The beverage biz bug bit him as early as college, and it never left him. He opened his first store in March of 1989 and moved it to its current location in 2006. His family, including his wife, son, and daughter, work with him full-time.

3. Friendship Mix

British DJ & music producer @JamesHype took over One World Radio this week to bring you an exclusive one-hour Friendship Mix. Originally from Liverpool, James’ groove-driven house tracks blend infectious beats with yearning sentiments. Australian DJ & music producer @SonnyFodera is also making waves in the dance scene with his emotive house tracks that combine upbeat rhythms with melodic chord progressions. Grammy-nominated duo @CamelPhat is another example of a musical talent that continues to capture audiences across the globe with their unique blend of melodic and uplifting dance music.

4. Friendship Club

Owner Mike Scheuerman’s passion for the beverage biz is matched only by his and his staff’s dedication to their customers. Whether it’s finding the perfect wine for a dinner party or the right beer for the football game, they are all in it together.

Mix Jack Daniels, tequila and rum in equal parts and enjoy as a shot or add club soda to the drink for a longer all-alcohol beverage. This is a favorite amongst passengers on the daily canal cruises offered by Friendship Amsterdam. Book your cruise here. This liqueur is also available online. You can even order it by the bottle!

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