Friendship 802 RITC and 729 RITC Short Pips Rubbers: A Guide to Chinese Hitting Rubber Options

Friendship 802 RITC 802 Mystery and 729 RITC 802 Legend

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802 is a classic Chinese hitting rubber

Friendship 802 is a classic Chinese hitting rubber that is capable of topspin and spin variations. It is used by many professional players for both chopping and attacking. Its low arc and great speed make it a good choice for chopping, while its spin sensitivity makes it a great option for attacking.

Its tacky surface provides excellent grip and a decent amount of spin. It can also be boosted with the right sponge to create more speed and power for your offensive play. Using a thicker sponge like 2.0 or 2.5 will increase your blocking abilities and provide more control for chopping.

The Nittaku Moristo SP is an impressive short pips rubber that can give you extra power and speed. It has low, horizontal, and conical pips on a thin rubber sheet with a 2.2 mm sponge that is white, very small-pored, and soft. Its elasticity allows you to attack aggressively and block with ease.

It is capable of topspin and spin variations

Friendship RITC 802 Mystery is the latest version of the short pips rubber used by top Chinese players. This rubber features vertical pips and a soft, fast sponge for maximum speed in attack. It is also more sensitive to incoming spin than other short pips rubbers.

The criss-cross grooved pip tops of this short pips rubber allow it to be very effective for attacking close to the table and blocking. It is one of the few short pips that can be used to play light topspin and generate spin variations for the opponent.

This rubber is also available in a 2.0mm sponge for faster attack and more control. It is recommended for players who want a hard hitting surface that can be effective for blocking and playing with spin. This version is similar to the regular 802 and is a great option for all-rounders and attackers. It is a good choice for all level players, including top-level competitors.

It is a devastating rubber when used to hit close to the table

If you are a close-to-table blocker, friendship 802 is a great short pips for you. It is very effective against backspin and is also capable of chopping through spin. However, it is not a good rubber for counter hitting. Its short pimpled design makes it hard to attack and the balls bounce low off the table. If you are a chopper, try using Yinhe Uranus Poly or HRS.

The new version of this rubber is called the Friendship 729 RITC 802 Legend and has increased elasticity. It is also more sensitive to incoming spin than its predecessor. It is a great option for penhold players and enables efficient attack play.

It has large conical pips and criss-cross grooved tops that generate some spin. This makes it easy to attack and block with, but it is not as dynamic as some other short pips rubbers. The special 35 degree sponge also adds some spin to this rubber.

It is a good all round rubber

Friendship 729 RITC 802 Legend is a fast short pimple rubber with good spin capabilities. It is a great choice for both attacking loopers and allround players who want to play a controlled topspin game. The upper rubber has a conically shaped pimple surface with a lightly corrugated nub surface. It is also slightly more elastic than the monitor lizard rubber.

Its criss-crossed grooved pip tops allow for spin variations, while its conical shape and fluted bump heads provide an aggressive feel. It is also fairly durable, and can be used for a variety of playing styles.

Its open-pored sponge has a hardness of approx. 42-44 degrees and offers a slight built-in speed glue effect. It is particularly suitable for the typical pimple game with counter and block balls, but playing with rotation is possible. This is a better option for speed than the other short pimples of Friendship. It is not as dynamic as the SpinLord rubbers, but it has a higher elasticity than most other Friendship short pimples.

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